Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 100 pushups training program?

It’s a challenging 45-day program that rapidly improves your pushups and fitness. Some of our more hardcore fans say it has changed their life. At the very least you will master the art of the pushup and get fit doing it.

Training is completely free. The only cost is your own blood, sweat and tears.

The program is easy to follow, but under the hood it incorporates the latest training methodologies to give you most bang for your buck. Nobody wants to train hard and see slow progress.

What is the 100 Pushups Challenge?

The 100 Pushups Challenge is an optional goal that you aim to complete during your training. It is a great motivator and we highly suggest you train to complete one (or more) of the challenges.

There are three different challenges:

(1) The Foundation Challenge: “Complete 100 pushups in 24 hours.”

(2) The Intermediate Challenge: “Complete 100 pushups in 5 minutes.”

(3) The Advanced Challenge: “Complete 100 consecutive pushups.”

Why bother training pushups as opposed to other exercises?

Because pushups freaking rock! Bruce Lee did thousands of them a day.

Anyone who tries to tell you they are just a chest exercise has never followed the 100 pushups training program.

I guarantee after the first few days you will hurt in places you didn’t realize even had muscles.

The beauty of the pushup is that you are horizontal. This brings the most important force in the entire universe into play… GRAVITY!

Your whole body has to fight with gravity just to stop you from collapsing into a heap on the floor. This makes pushups the ultimate bodyweight exercise.

And once you master the standard pushup, there are a bunch of variations and progressions to challenge you further. You can always rely on the pushup to humble you.

Won’t training pushups every day lead to injury?

By not training to failure every set and spacing out efforts, you actually reduce the risk of injury. And by making sure at least 75% of your total training volume is the standard pushup with good form, you mitigate any prolonged stress on your joints and muscles. This is why sticking to the 100 Pushups Training Principles is so important. Do not deviate from them.

Won’t doing just pushups lead to muscle imbalances?

The pushup is a whole body exercise. Much more so than, for example, the bench press. Do a pushup plank for 60 seconds and tell me where you feel it – in your abs, in your glutes and in your lower back. They all work in concert to stabilize your core, and the result is that pushups work wonders for your posture. So no, pushups actually lead to a more balanced musculature, develops often underdeveloped muscles, and counteracts a lot of the damage daily life throws at us, for example sitting in a chair all day.

That said, pushups are a pushing movement, and if all you ever do is pushing movements, you will eventually accrue more strength in the front of your body relative to your back. A sound training principle is to balance every pushing exercise you do with a pulling exercise. The perfect exercise pair for the pushup is the pullup, specifically the underhand chinup. If you pair your pushups training with pullups, you will never ever have to worry about body imbalances.

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