The Three 100 Pushups Challenges

Give yourself a goal to train towards and pick one of these three 100 pushups challenges. If you are just starting out, train with the purpose of completing the Foundation Challenge. When you complete one of the challenges, you can simply set your sights on the next one.


The Foundation Challenge

Complete 100 Pushups In 24 Hours


The Intermediate Challenge

Complete 100 Pushups In 5 Minutes


The Advanced Challenge

Complete 100 Consecutive Pushups

If you scored 0 on the pushups test, your personal challenge should be to complete 1 pushup with the proper technique. There is a dedicated training plan to get you doing your first proper pushup.

Challenge Rules

  • Your arms must bend by at least 90° during the downward motion. You do not necessarily have to touch your nose to the floor – people have different arm lengths and forearm/upper arm ratios, so it is not always possible to touch your nose effectively.
  • You must straighten your arms right up to the moment before you “lock out” during the upwards motion (there’s no need to lock out completely).
  • No resting for longer than 5 seconds at the top of the pushup.
  • For the advanced challenge: no resting on your knees or standing up. It must be one consecutive set.

Challenge Guidelines

Foundation Challenge

  • Work up to completing 100 total pushups over the course of a day.
  • Use as many sets as you need.
  • Spreading out the sets equally throughout the day maximizes recovery time.
  • A common strategy is one set of ten reps per hour for ten hours, done on your least busy day of the week.

Intermediate Challenge

  • A big step up from the Foundation Challenge. You need to be committed and consistent in order to complete the Expert Challenge.
  • You will have enough time to take a few strategic rests during your attempt. Use them wisely!
  • You need to average one pushup every three seconds in order to beat the time limit.

Advanced Challenge

  • The ultimate challenge. Lesser mortals will have to kneel before you and pray to the Pushups God.
  • You must remain in the pushup position throughout. That means no standing up and no resting on your knees for a breather.
  • You must not rest at the top of the pushup position for more than 5 seconds on any rep.
  • You must complete the set in five minutes or under.

Good luck!
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