The Maximum Pushups Test

The 100 Pushups Challenge is going to have you master pushups, not just survive them. In order to do that, you are going to learn a great deal about the seemingly simple pushup over the course of this Challenge.

All of that will come, but today is simply about setting a benchmark in order determine your upcoming training plan. To do that, your first goal is to see how many pushups you can currently do.


Perform as many consecutive pushups as you can in one go without stopping.

Don’t worry too much about technique at this stage, there is plenty of time in the next 45 days to dial that in.

For the time being, simply ensure that:

  1. Your nose touches the floor during each pushup.
  2. Do not rest at the top (maximum one second pause).
  3. You end the test when it takes you longer than five seconds to complete the last rep, or when you cannot complete any more reps.

This score will determine the training plan you are going to follow. Write down your score, and do not forget it.

Do not bring your ego to this initial test. There is no point cheating on how many pushups you can do. Be strict about sticking to the above criteria. The goal of the test is to gauge your starting level so that you determine the best possible training plan for your level.

Training Plans

The good news – your daily training is not going to be as intense as these tests… you simply don’t need to train to failure every day in order to see optimal progress.

Your training plan is based on the score you just got on the max pushups test.

Score,Challenge,Training Plan
0,Foundation Challenge,Training Plan For Your First Pushup
1 – 12,Foundation Challenge,Foundation Training Plan
13 – 40,Intermediate Challenge,Intermediate Training Plan
40+,Advanced Challenge,Advanced Training Plan

Choose the appropriate training plan from the table. You are ready to begin!

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