“Must-Have” Pushups Equipment

Greetings comrade,

I regularly get asked if there is any equipment that’ll help with pushups training. Comrades often send me links of gizmos and gadgets with handle and twirly things, claiming to give you a “perfect pushup”.

Don’t waste your money. They are complete bullshit. In fact, they are worse than useless, because a source of strength for your pushups is being able to generate biomechanical torque with the floor, and these gizmos deny you that ability.

If you are determined to part with your money in your pushups training quest, send me a $5 protein shake donation instead.

No, all you need for optimal pushups training is a floor.

(and further down the line possibly a wall once you’ve progressed to vertical pushups).


There is a piece of equipment that perfectly complements your pushups training.

And I highly recommend that you get it.

Just cough up the money already, it’s relatively inexpensive and you’ll thank me later.

Here’s the Amazon link: mystery piece of equipment

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